Is it safe to shop online?

Yes! MummysPartyShop takes pride in our safe and secure shopping environment. In fact, in this day and age, established legal websites on the Internet have become some of the safest places for transactions to take place. The payment gateway we use – MOLPay – is an Internet Payment Service and Solution Provide operated by MOLPay Sdn Bhd. MOLPay name will be shown on cardholders statement, for every transaction that useMOLPay.

How my card payment information being protected during transaction?
We use 3-D Secure. It is a card holder authentication mechanism. Every card entered in the payment gateway is checked by the respective card association, i.e. MasterCard or VISA. It is verified whether or not user authentication is required for the given card. If yes, the card holder is redirected to the issuer bank’s system to identify himself (by entering a password, inserting a chip card providing other senstitive information). The result of the authentication is then handed back to the payment gateway.
For more information please refer to http://www.visa.com/3-dsecure

What other payments include?
Other payments include direct bank transfer, paypal and cheque. Please take note when using a cheque and interbank giro bank transfer, we will deliver the product once the payment cleared.